Terms of Service Sales

Linda Paradis Group Policy
• Magnetic needles are meant to be used exclusively with our non-acidic solution. But if this protocol is not followed, and our Magnetics needles are used with any other products like saline, acid etc. Skin may burn or scars will appear. We will not be responsible for these results. • E-Dermis Ink Extractor solution must be used with our Non-Invasive Magnetic needles only. • Names and logos are trademark registered; modifications are strictly prohibited. • Teaching and reselling of products are not allowed. • Products are being sold to professionals only.

Terms and Conditions
* Warranty period will be one year which will start from the date of purchase of product.
* Consumable items such as solution, Aftercare and cleansing pads are not part of the warranty. Items found Physically damaged/ tempered and out of warranty period shall not be valid for claim. * Items found as defective and under warranty shall be replaced as per Company policy. All the rights and ownership of our products are protected by European and American Patents worldwide. Cancellation, suspension, or modifications in the order by customer is possible until the shipment is not sent. * Quality assurance provisions applicable to the product(s) specified herein shall be in accordance with Seller´s standard practices and procedures. * Shipment dates are approximate and are not guaranteed. Sender shall not be liable for delays in delivery due to causes beyond its reasonable control. * Upon receiving the shipment via Courier, the package must be opened and checked immediately under the presence of Courier representative. * In case of any damage return it to them on same time. Liability for all taxes and import or export duties, imposed by any city, state, federal or other governmental authority, shall be assumed and paid by buyer. Buyer further agrees to indemnify seller against any and all liabilities for such taxes or duties and legal fees or costs incurred by seller in connection therewith..

In order to attend the Physical Class, it is mandatory to book Refundable and Exchangeable Ticket and hotel stay. Otherwise whatever is the reason of cancellation of class we will not be responsible any loss of money.