Line Linda Paradis

The Inventor of the Noninvasive and Magnetic Needles

Mrs. Line Linda Paradis is an inventor, Clinical researcher, and founder of Linda Paradis Group.
She is the first international leader in the development and launching the most safe and non-invasive technique in the tattoo removal industry. Linda Line Paradis is the CEO and founder of Linda Paradis Group, a renowned clinical practitioner, expert, speaker and international examiner in Non-invasive aesthetics treatments since 1996.
In 2004, she obtained the Award of Oscar of Best Innovation at the Mondial Beauty in Paris for the charter for her work's quality and ongoing importance as a recognized leader in the tattoo removal industry.
 She is the inventor of the Magnetic & non-invasive Needles for beauty treatments and has many worldwide patents given by "The United States Patent and Trademark Office " and the European “National institute of industrial property”.
As a reputed and assiduous leader within the Beauty industry, Linda Paradis explores the world to share her findings and innovations with Beauty industry professionals, educators, and physicians.